Disney to Ban Smoking & Vaping Inside the Gates

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Everyone in California knows about Disney theme parks, the happiest place on earth! These parks are a top destination for both local and international travelers. Some of our vape family are Disney fans, just as much as they are vape fans!

Those that visit often will know that both Disneyland and Disneyworld have designated areas for both smokers and vapers. There are small designated areas around the various parks.  In these spaces, vapers are often forced to be around people smoking cigarettes, but they are the only places to go within the park. For those who need a quick break during a long Disney day, they can head over to a smoking area. Shortly after, they can get in line for Big Thunder Mountain or  Soarin’ over California.

The spaces that currently allow smoking are:

Disneyland Park: Interactive Map

  • Main Entry Plaza outside Disneyland Park
  • Frontierland on Big Thunder Trail between Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Fantasyland

Disney California Adventure Park: Interactive Map

  • Paradise Gardens Park near Silly Symphony Swings

Walt DisneyWorld: Interactive Map

Magic Kingdom Park

  • Main Entrance Smoking Area
  • Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Smoking Area
  • Tomorrowland Smoking Area

Check out the rest on the Disney Website

On March 28, Disney announced that they will be removing all the smoking areas that are within the park gates. This will ban smoking and vaping inside DisneyWorld, Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex or any Disney water parks. The company says that this restriction is effective beginning May 1, 2019. The goal of this ban is to gain more walking space for guests. All smokers and vapers will have to exit the park through security if they wish to smoke or vape.

Ruthless Vapor Disney Vape Ban

Overcrowding has been a long standing issue for these extremely popular theme parks. Despite the very rapid increase in ticket prices, guests come by the boatload to get a taste of Disney magic. Additionally, the development and recent widening of Star Wars land means the park needs more space inside the gates. To achieve this, the park is also restricting the sizes of strollers to clear the walkways and shortening the curbs on Main Street.

After May 1 those who are used to vaping their favorite e-liquids during a long and fun day will have to adjust their routine.

“Once all ... smoking areas are removed, park visitors who want to smoke will have to either use the smoking areas near the three resort hotels or go to open areas beyond the security screeners near the edges of the resort.” Hugo Martin, LA Times.

Employees will now be in charge of enforcing the new smoking rules, in addition to their usual responsibilities. Theme park guests will leave through security for a vape break. However, according to Disney spokesperson Erica Ettori, they are not sure how to streamline the readmittance process.

Will other theme parks follow suit? Most likely.

“David Speigel, president of Ohio-based International Theme Park Service, said he expects the other parks will explore their smoking policies now, too.” - Orlando Sentinel

A neighbor to California Adventure and Disneyland is Knott’s Berry Farm. Knott's Berry Farm has designated areas for smoking cigarettes or vaping e-cigarettes inside the park. However, there are no smoking areas inside of Camp Snoopy.

In Los Angeles, there is the home for thrilling roller coasters, Six Flags Magic Mountain. They also have designated smoking areas and strictly enforce them on a daily basis.

Now that you have the new Disney updates, let us know your thoughts! Will this new policy impact your visit to a Disney park?


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