• What can cause a vape battery to explode?
  • How to tell if a vape battery should be replaced?
  • How to prevent a vape battery or e-cigarette from exploding?
  • What is battery venting?
  • How to report a vape battery or e cigarette explosion to the FDA?

  • BOOM! What was that? An exploding vape battery or e cigarette?

    As reported by the USFA, there was 195 reports of e-cigarette incidents in the U.S between 2009 to 2016. With no deaths reported during the study period.

    With all the different types of vaping devices available. Let’s shed some light on the questions “how can a vape battery or e cigarette explode?” No matter where you are at in your vaping journey, beginner to vape cloud competitor, these tips can help you avoid a mishap.

    What can cause a vape battery to explode

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    Accidentally dropping your e cigarette or vape mod

    E-cigarettes, especially cylindrical shaped devices, can suffer from battery failure when dropped. A significant impact to an e-cig to its weakest point, the end, can cause pressure to build. A rupture to the battery can occur as a result of this pressure. The battery,  container, or both can then fail. This can cause overheating or an explosion.

    Some manufacturers of vape batteries have implemented safeguards. A good thing to look for when buying a battery is to also look for products that have been evaluated for safety. A UL mark on the product or packaging is a good indicator that your safety is considered by the manufacturer.

    So, What do you do if you drop your vape pen or E-Cigarette?

    If you drop your device, make sure you inspect for damage, especially the wrapper. The wrapper insulates the battery, so if you are in doubt, throw throw it away and buy a new one. 

    Don’t carry vape batteries in your pocket

    Transport loose batteries in a case and never in your pocket with other metal objects. Batteries that come in contact with metal objects such as keys or coins can lead to disaster. As the metal touches the battery components, a short circuit can occur.

    Using a plastic case available from local vape shops or online vendors can help keep your batteries kept safely away from other metal objects.

    Additionally, switching off or locking your device when in your pocket is always a smart option. This will prevent any random changes to your device which may affect the voltage.

    Water damage to your vape device

    You can search online and various vape forums for recommendations on how to repair a vape device that is dropped in water. We recommend to contact the manufacturer and see if they have any advice or warranty. Otherwise, you are going to have to find a replacement. The type of damage caused by the water may not be visible and you shouldn’t take that chance. 

    Customizing your vape mod

    Mechanical mods may not have features like inner circuitry to regulate battery voltage. Alternatively, most newer vape devices have built-in safety features. Even so, devices with these features can still cause burns or misfires if used incorrectly.

    Never customize or modify a device and stick to using authorized hardware and add-ons as listed by the vaping device manufacturer.

    When should a vape battery be replaced?

    when should a vape battery be replaced infographic
    1. If the wrapper is damaged.
    2. If the battery gets wet.
    3. If you notice a strange burning smell.

    How to prevent a vape battery or e-cigarette from exploding?

    how to prevent a vape battery from exploding infographic

    The #1 reason why vape batteries explode? Simply improper care by the user.

    Following the care recommendations below and you will never have to worry about exploding batteries again.

    For someone who is a vape beginner, these tips may help avoid a vape battery or e cigarette exploding.

    Make sure you follow the vape or e cig manufacturer recommendations

    Most vape device manufacturers readily provide instructions and how to care for your device with the packaging. Or provide the information on their website. If they don’t then as a last resort, maybe it’s time to contact the manufacturer directly for an answer.

    But what if the manufacturer has no website or contact information?

    Well then they might be a manufacturer of poor quality products. Which leads us to our next recommendation...

    Don’t look for cheap. Look for Quality.

    Not all e-cigarettes or vaping devices come with a charger or battery. Leaving you to figure out how to charge or power the device on your own. A simple search online for “vape pen battery” will lead you to thousands of results to purchase what you need online. A warranty from the manufacturer is also a good indicator that they back their product. 

    But have you done your research on which vape battery is best or has better reviews?

    Look for websites that sell batteries and devices that also have user reviews to help with your buying decision. User reviews are a great way to gauge the quality as they are from real people who have used the batteries.

    Never use old and new vape batteries together

    It is always recommended to use two of the exact same batteries in your device. As you will want to be sure that the batteries have the same charge levels. Use batteries only recommended by your vape device manufacturer.

    Store vape batteries at the proper temperature

    Always protect your vape device and batteries from extreme temperatures. That means extreme heat AND extreme cold. Never leave your batteries in a car during a hot day or in extreme cold temperature.

    So be smart. Don’t leave them in the sun and don’t put them in your freezer. And definitely don’t put them in the oven. 

    Extreme temperatures can seriously damage your batteries and cause them to deteriorate prematurely, increasing the likelihood of an explosion.

    Don’t overcharge and charge properly

    With a lot of batteries now being able to charge via USB it is important to note that not all USB ports and devices are equal. Many mobile phones and tablets are designed for charging as quickly as possible. Taking advantage of USB technology to get thoses devices charged. Unfortunately some e-cig batteries do not have those same features. 

    Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on charging. Never leave a battery charging overnight, use the charger that came with the device, and never leave a charging battery unattended.


    • Charge batteries on a hard surface with ample space to breath
    • Clean your battery and terminal contents with tissue or alcohol wipes if they are dirty

    As we see the evolution of vaping devices  develop year after year, as well as the technology we use daily, the way we charge our vapes may change.

    But for now, definitely consider how you charge your vape battery. 

    Use vape devices that have safety features

    Some vapes and e-cigarette  devices have features that can further safeguard against potential injury to the vaper. Fire button locks, vent holes, and overcharging protection are just a couple of the features that can help.

    What is battery venting?

    All of the tips that we just discussed is to prevent the batteries from staring an ugly process called venting.

    Battery venting means the chemicals inside of the battery have gone into meltdown. When this happens they create toxic gases that slowly start to escape the battery. Once the pressure is too high, the vent pops and lets the gas out, which can lead to a dangerous battery explosion. 

    This is venting. 

    How to report a vape battery explosion to the FDA?

    As leaders in the vape industry it is our duty to keep vapers and e-cigarette users informed.

    We encourage you, as part of our industry to report poor quality products to the FDA and National Institutes of Health. Doing so can help prevent injury to a fellow vaper and also keep faulty products from being sold.

    Have a device to report? Click on the link below.


    So there you have it, some very useful tips on how to care for your vape batteries and device. Remember to always inspect the wrap of your batteries, always use the recommended batteries, avoid extreme temperatures, and take care of them to avoid venting.

    Also worth noting...

    If you plan on travelling anytime soon be sure to check the TSA vape guidelines for information on how to pack. Or if you can even bring your vape with you to certain locations. Going to Thailand with your vape? Think again.

    Check out our video on Vape Safety 101 for additional information on this topic.




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