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Introducing Strawberry Jelly Donut & Cookie Butter by Loaded E-Juices

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Ruthless is excited to announce the addition of two delicious flavors to the already delectable Loaded E-Juice line: Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut 120ml and Loaded Cookie Butter 120ml. It’s safe to say that these two new e-juices have already drawn a lot of attention from the vape community. Attendees of the vape expos located in Ontario and Colombia this past month have already been lucky enough to sample these new juicy flavors. As for the feedback on the juice? There's been an outpouring of positive reviews, and rightfully so. These aren’t your average, ordinary, everyday e-juices! Ruthless is beyond excited to be manufacturing and featuring these new additions. Continue reading to learn more about all the hype!

Now, Let’s Talk Flavors…  

Loaded Cookie Butter: Douse your sweet tooth in a special blend of creamy Belgian cookies with the new Cookie Butter e-juice by Loaded. This e-juice was inspired by Belgian Speculoos Cookies that have been crushed into a peanut butter consistency! This juice is equivalent to homemade biscoff cookies, with Ceylon cinnamon and the deeply caramelized sweetness of well-toasted sugar or Belgian-style brown sugar! Indulge your taste buds in the best cookie e-juice known to man.

Loaded Strawberry Jelly Donut: Strawberry Jelly Donut e-juice by Loaded is nothing short of a cushy sugar glazed doughnut, stuffed to the brim with gooey strawberry filling. Ladies and gents, your next all day vape is now available for your enjoyment. Take a bite out of your very own delicious dessert as much as your heart desires. This guilty pleasure is available to appease your sweet tooth all day, every day – no calories involved! No shame here, just mouthwatering flavor topped with a pleasant inhale and dense clouds on the exhale. This donut dream vape is freshly baked and ready to order.

Time for the Juicy Details...

Size: 120ML bottles. Trust us, with these new flavors, you will be needing that 120ML bottle! The big size was decided on with YOU in mind. Consumers will save more money in the long run by avoiding the continuous hassle of re-ordering every week or so, which is just about always the case when one is hooked on an e-juice that is only available in smaller sizes. We understand how quickly those shipping costs and fees associated with continuously re-ordering can add up!

Nicotine Levels: 0MG, 3MG, 6MG. These e-juices are offered in the standard levels associated with a majority of other brands. However, unlike other brands that have inconsistent taste with each varying nicotine level  Loaded does not. They have taken extra care to ensure that the taste is as juicy and consistent as ever, regardless of what MG it is at. So if you prefer nicotine-free eliquid, no worries, we've got you covered! It’ll taste just as delicious as all the others in the bunch.

Ratio: 70VG/30PG. This ratio calls for a smooth inhale that is easy on the throat, while generating enough flavor for your taste buds to jump for joy. Both juices are provided in the perfect ratio for beginners and vape pros alike. There’s just enough vegetable glycerin for a steady inhale and strong on the exhale. And when we say strong, we mean: this vape has an intense exhale of fog that even cloud chasers will enjoy!

A Little Background Info...

All of the delicious Loaded E-Juice line is manufactured by Ruthless E-Juices! Based out of sunny southern California, Ruthless manufactures premium e-liquids in a GMP Certified Facility and State of the Art Clean Room. Rooted in hard work and equipped with a background in culinary arts, Ruthless has transformed the e-juice market by creating and manufacturing the best tasting e-juice combinations and brands. 

Pre-ordering for the new Loaded e-liquids is available now on the Ruthless Vapor and Ruthless Wholesale sites. Don't wait, reserve your bottles of Strawberry Jelly Donut 120ml and Cookie Butter 120ml today! For all you vape vendors out there, Ruthless Wholesale offers e-liquids in bulk, with a current offer of free shipping for purchases that are over $500 (excluding distributors). Also a huge plus? They cover the California tobacco tax on the wholesale site.


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