A Vaper Beginner's Guide: Achieve the Perfect Throat Hit

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The Secret Behind the Perfect Throat Hit

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If you are an experienced vaper you probably have heard other vapers mention the “perfect throat hit”. So what do they mean by that? In this article we take a dive into what a throat hit is and how you can get a throat hit that is perfect for you!

What Exactly is a Throat Hit?

A throat hit is the feeling when the inhaled vapor from your e-cig “hits” the back of your throat. However, there are different variations of throat hits and not all of them are the same when it comes to vaping. There are different factors involved that include different e-cigs, mods, setups and e-liquids—each provided by manufacturers with their own special flare when it comes to vaping. There are numerous amounts of e-liquid flavors and strengths to choose from—each with their own kind of “hit”, which can be separated into two different categories: a strong hit and weak hit (also known as a “smooth” hit).

A Strong Throat Hit isn’t for the Faint of Heart...

A strong throat hit is when you feel an instant hit at the back of your throat when inhaling. Ex-tobacco cigarette users say that it is very similar to the sensation that you experience when inhaling a cigarette. For a beginner, a strong throat hit can feel somewhat rough and it may even be enough to make you cough, just like a typical cigarette would.

There’s No Shame in a Weak Throat Hit...

As you may have already guessed, a weak throat hit is the exact opposite of a strong throat hit. Instead of instantly hitting the back of your throat in an abrasive way, the vapor goes down smoothly as you inhale.

Now onto the Good Part—The “Perfect” Throat Hit...

Now that we know a strong throat hit from a weak one, which one would be considered the perfect throat hit for you? The answer boils down to personal preference and what you would like to feel when vaping. If you are an ex-smoker, you may lean more towards a strong hit. If you aren’t, a smooth and subtle hit may just be right for you. So the best way is to test it out and see for yourself. To find the perfectly suited throat hit for you, you can adjust a number of variables to find what’s right for you.

How to Find the perfect throat hit...

  • Adjust the Strength of Your Nicotine: The more of a throat hit that you want, the more nicotine your e-liquid should have. However, if you are using vaping as a way to quit nicotine, you probably should stick to less powerful e-liquids. Also, some people find the stronger liquids a bit too strong for them. However, if you want a weaker vape, then simply go for the lowest strength e-juice or even go for the ones with no nicotine in at all. Nicotine levels are usually offered in: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, and 18mg.

  • PG/VG Ratio: There are only three components when it comes to e-liquid: nicotine, flavoring, PG (propylene glycol), and VG (vegetable glycerin). There are a multitude of different level vape juices with different ratios of VG and PG, so there are various ones you can try to achieve the perfect throat hit for you. Simply put, the more PG in an e-liquid, the stronger throat hit it will have. The more VG in an e-liquid, the weaker hit it will have.

  • Power Setting: With high tech vape mods you will be able to adjust your power setting. Easily enough, you’ll get a greater throat hit the more you turn up the power, while turning the power down will result in a weaker one.

  • Airflow Settings: On some e-cigs you can adjust the airflow settings. To achieve a stronger throat hit, go for an open airflow setting, while if you want something smoother go for a more restricted airflow setting. This adjustment is a somewhat small way to control your throat hit.

We hope this information is helpful to all you beginner vapers out there! For more information vaping, please feel free to explore the rest of our blog and website. Interested in discovering new e-juices? Check out our Ruthless e-juice line today.

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