There is one thing that is on everyone’s minds right now - coronavirus, or COVID-19. What is the best way for a vaper to handle the situation?

Stay Informed

There is a lot of speculation out there regarding vaping and coronavirus. There are people claiming that vapers are both more and less likely to get corona - however, none of these are proven. Not much is known about COVID-19, and there is not much time to gather information.

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Keep Yourself and Others safe

Aside from the social distancing and hand washing, here are a few vaping related tips for keeping yourself and others safe.

Clean your device regularly, especially after touching things in public with your bare hands. It is extremely easy for viruses and bacteria to end up on your hands and then your mod. You want to be sure your mod is clean before you put it in your mouth.

Do not share devices. While coronavirus spreads primarily through the droplets formed when patients cough, sharing devices would only be giving the virus an easy way to spread. As there are a good number of people who do not show any symptoms of the virus, this would be an easy way to spread it unknowingly.

Don't blow clouds at people. This would normally just be good etiquette, but it is even more important now.

Lastly, it will most likely be difficult to vape if you do get coronavirus. If you are sick and desperate for a nicotine fix, DO NOT DRINK YOUR VAPE. In addition to the possible digestive issues from COVID-19, VG can be a laxative and it will probably make you feel worse. If you are sick, cannot vape, and cannot handle the cravings, use a lozenge or a nicotine patch.

What Ruthless Vapor is Doing

We are reminding our employees about frequent hand washing and we are regularly cleaning and disinfecting our facility and equipment.

Every hour, workspaces, and general use areas in our office are being wiped down with disinfectant wipes.

Our office administration will be working remotely and will be available from 9AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. There will be limited staff on the premises and all individuals are being spaced out according to WHO recommendations.

Lastly, be patient with all your vape stores - online and in person.

Many online stores are likely running on minimal staff. Mortar and brick stores face uncertainty, as at least one county has decided that vapes stores are not essential businesses and must be closed in shelter in place commands.

USPS and other delivery services are all experiencing impacts due to the increase of people ordering packages, and generally say that deliveries in impacted areas will be even further delayed.

These are difficult times, but we have made it through hurdles before.

Stay Relentless, Be Ruthless.

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