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What is Nicotine Free Vape Juice?

Nicotine Free Vape Juice is simply vape juice that does not have the highly addictive chemical, nicotine. It contains all the other common vape juice ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and flavoring.

Nicotine free vape juice plays an important role in the journey to quit cigarettes when using vaping as a smoking cessation aid.

vaping as a smoking cessation aid.

Let’s do into detail on what you need to know about nic free e juice.

And let’s get you off cigarettes.

What is nicotine? And why is it in cigarettes?

Nicotine is put into cigarettes to keep smokers, smoking. 

In 1998, Big tobacco companies were forced to release studies and documents. With another push in 2017 to again come forward with methods they use for getting people hooked on cigarettes.

These documents found that Big Tobacco went to great lengths to get users addicted. Genetically modifying crops to increase the amount of nicotine by over two times the normal amount. As well as re-designing cigarettes. Adjusting cigarettes to increase the amount of nicotine delivery. 

Increasing your chances of nicotine addiction.

Increasing the chances that you will keep smoking cigarettes.

Why is there nicotine in vape juice?

Just like any chemical addiction, withdrawals are a real thing when it comes to nicotine. The withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person.

symptoms of nicotine withdrawal

As detailed by ZME science, there is a wide range of symptoms that one could experience from the withdrawals, but it is important to know that not everyone experiences the same. You could be lucky enough to experience the bare minimum number of symptoms. Or you could be the unlucky one who experiences almost all of them.

From 30 to 4 hours, you will start to crave a hit. After 24 hours, your appetite will kick in along with irritability. Two days pass and headaches are common as the nicotine is being flushed from your system but watch out for the third day. The third day is often the hardest as the physical and psychological nicotine withdrawal symptoms are at their worst, but the cravings begin to decrease. 

As the weeks go on, you will start to feel fatigued, anxiety and even depression, but after a short while, your dependency on nicotine will begin to wane.

cigarette withdrawal symptoms

This is, however, is if you plan on going cold turkey.

Going cold turkey is not impossible, but it is a challenge for most. E juice comes in various nicotine strengths so you can gradually lower the dosage from 50 mg to 0mg vape juice to a nicotine free lifestyle. 

With Freebase E-liquid available in 24mg, 12 mg, 6 mg , 3 mg, and 0 mg and Ruthless Salt Nic’s available in 50 mg – 35mg. Getting the right nicotine level to satisfy the nicotine cravings is there for you to start your journey. Your journey to quit smoking cigarettes.

This is the reason why vape juice has nicotine. 

How can nicotine free vape juice help with nicotine withdrawal?

From large SMOK mods to the vaping giant Juul, there has been numerous types of vape devices and E liquids that people have used over the years. Taking advantage of vaping technology to heat liquids to mimic the nicotine intake without the other harsh chemicals found in cigarettes.

cigarette vs vape juice ingredients

This does not mean that all E-liquid has nicotine. Ruthless Vapor and countless other E-Juice manufacturers make 0 mg vape juice. Or non nicotine vape juice.

0mg vape juice is exactly that, E-liquid without any nicotine. There is no difference in the taste, it’s just the liquid without the added nicotine. So, for instance if you are a fan of Ruthless Grape Drank, or Loaded Glazed Donut, you can breathe easy knowing that you can get your favorite flavors in 6 mg. Then over time. Lower the nicotine dosage to 3 mg. Then to 0 mg, or nicotine free in the same flavor.

Quitting cigarettes is the name of the game, more power to you if you can take your nicotine intake from 50 mg down with Nic Salts to 0 mg with nicotine free vape juice.

cigarettes to vaping, the journey to being nicotine free

Eventually, you would want to get to nicotine free, and that is why we make non nicotine vape juice. But this is difficult because of the addictive properties of nicotine. When nicotine enters the bloodstream, it activates the reward and pleasure centers in the brain, releasing dopamine. 

There is no question that nicotine is an addictive substance. It’s been something that has been commonly known for years. From Fox news to your text books, it’s one of the first things that we learn about cigarette addiction. 

Nicotine is necessary to have in vape juice for ex-smokers to make that transition from smoker to smoke-free.

What are light cigarettes? And can I just smoke those instead?

Traditional cigarettes contain anywhere from 24 mg of nicotine with extra strong cigarettes, to 6 mg of nicotine for light cigarettes. And continue to be redesigned by tobacco manufacturers since the 1950’s.

Light cigarettes are smoked by many cigarette smokers as they believe there is less negative health effects.

But as stated by cancer.gov, “there is no such thing as a safe cigarette”.

There is no such thing as a safe cigarette - cancer.gov

When transitioning from combustible tobacco, you can find the nicotine strength that works for you in a vape juice.  The goal is to find a way to be nicotine free, and with vaping, there is a clear road to 0 nicotine that you can take.

What are other nicotine free alternatives to cigarettes?

While other nicotine options exist such as bidis, herbal cigarettes and cloves. The dangers lie in what other chemicals are included with these alternatives. As well as the chemicals that are created from combustion.

nicotine free alternatives to cigarettes

Bidis & Kreteks or Clove Cigarettes

Because of the low usage rates in the United States, research is limited on the health effects for long term use on these combustible products. India and Indonesia, a location with higher usage of bidis and kreteks, has associated both with increases in lung, stomach, and oral cancers.

Herbal Cigarettes

While the name itself or how they may be marketed as “all natural” may sound like a healthy alternative to smoking this is not the case. No proof has EVER been provided on these being a safer option to cigarettes. 

True. These nicotine free options do exist. But once fire is introduced, and combustion happens, chemicals are created. Carcinogenic chemicals that can cancer. Chemicals like tar and carbon monoxide. Chemicals and particulates that are dangerous to your health.

Start your journey to being cigarette free

cigarette deaths worldwide cdc.gov

Cigarettes are responsible for over 8 million deaths annually, worldwide. Vaping was introduced to give those who are trying to quit, an alternative. The New England Journal of Medicine even noted that “E-cigarettes were more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine-replacement therapy, when both products were accompanied by behavioral support.”

Combine that with a 0-nicotine vape juice option for vaping, the increasing cost of cigarettes versus vaping, there is a pathway to success to not only be smoke free, but nicotine free as well.

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